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Marriages in Sahaja Yoga have been taking place since the early stages of Sahaja Yoga when Shri Mataji used to match Yogis Herself to conduct collective marriage ceremonies. In recent times matches and Sahaja Marriages are being regularly organised around the year in Nirmal Dham, Cabella, Jaipur & Ganapatipule. You will find details related to all 4 locations mentioned below.


No Sahaja Marriages will be held in Nirmal Dham, Delhi during the International Birthday Puja and Seminar 2024. We hope to re-start Sahaja Marriages soon in the near future.


Please click the links below for information on Sahaja Marriages to be held in Cabella during Shri Ganesha Puja 2023.


Please click the links below for information on Sahaja Marriages to be held in Jaipur during International Diwali Puja, Seminar & Sahaja Marriages 2023.


Please click the links below for information on Sahaja Marriages to be held in Ganapatipule during International Christmas Puja & Sahaja Marriages 2023.


Shri Mataji has placed great importance and value of Marriages in the spiritual growth of a Sahaja Yogi and has given extensive advice on the topic. A few talks are listed here. 

For more Nirmal Vidya please visit or download the Nirmal Vidya App on your phone via the links given below.  Please type "Marriage" in search box of the website or App to get all Shri Mataji's talks related to Sahaja Marriages. 

The Value Of Marriage, UK (03 Aug 1980)

Sahaja Marriage and Gruha Lakshmi Puja Talk, Sydney, Australia (07 April 1981)

Marriage Ceremony & Talk, Ganpatipule, Maharashtra, India (28 Dec 1993)

Talks day after Ganesha Puja, Cabella Ligure, Italy, (23 Sep 2001)

Talk to Ladies about marriage (12 Feb 1984)

Talk on Marriages, Ganapatipule, Maharashtra, India (12 Dec 1996)

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