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For Lakshmi, there should be a donation. It keeps on flowing. You like it pick it up, you like that pick it up. Money comes from here goes there, and comes from there and goes here. I have seen many people like this. My father was also like this. He used to give a lot of donations. And at the time of giving, he never used to keep his eyes up. If someone says see before giving, he will say I am no one to see. God is sitting above to see. I am giving. He is giving, those who want is taking, I am just sitting in the middle. If anyone likes it, you take it. Wealth is which flows. Something stagnant is not wealth, it is money. Then the thief will steal it or something else will happen. If you have wealth, you should support others. Shelter them.

- Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

(What is the Kundalini,  9th Jan 1979)

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Samarpan for Shrine Development Project

Your samarpan will be used to develop the Holy Shrine of Shri Adishakti and its surrounding

General Donation to Nirmal Dham

Your donation will contribute to the upkeep of Nirmal Dham and help sustain the Trust.

  • How can I make a donation to Nirmal Dham?
    Any Sahaja Yogi can make a donation to Nirmal Dham by donating to The Life Eternal Trust Delhi using either of the following methods - Online donation - is collected via website only. Transferring directly in bank account via Net Banking. Please email for Bank Account details and details of the process. Offline donation - can be made in person at Nirmal Dham in the Managers Office or Finance Counter.
  • Can I make a donation Online?
    Yes. Donations can be made online via the website Online payments can be made by using any of the following methods - UPI and QR code Credit/Debit cards Internet Banking Payment Wallets IMPORTANT - If you make donations via QR code, please ensure that you ONLY use the QR displayed - On the website In Nirmal Dham at Managers Office or Finance Counter.
  • Can I make a donation by Cash/ Net Banking/ Cheque/ Demand Draft directly into the bank account of The Life Eternal Trust Delhi?
    Yes. Please email us on and we will send you the bank details via email. This is needed to comply with government regulations as it is mandatory to obtain the details of donors. For such donations you will receive the donation receipt with 2 working days on your email ID.
  • How will I get a receipt for the donation?
    Online donation - An instant SMS containing all information of the donation is sent to your mobile number. A system generated donation receipt is instantly sent to the Email ID which was entered while making the donation. Offline donation - a physical receipt is provided at the time of making the donation at Nirmal Dham in the Manager's Office or Finance Counter.
  • I have not received my receipt although my online transaction was successful.
    Please write to us at and please mention the following details- Full Name of the Sahaja Yogi Donation amount Date of transaction Mode of transaction - UPI/ Credit/Debit Card/ Internet Banking/ Wallet Transaction ID/ reference number
  • Will I get a rebate on Income Tax for the donation?
    Yes. All donations made to Nirmal Dham is collected by The Life Eternal Trust Delhi (LET Delhi) and are exempt from Income Tax as per the provisions of Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. As per Government regulations, 50% of the amount donated can be availed for Income Tax deduction purposes.
  • What is The Life Eternal Trust Delhi?
    The Life Eternal Trust Delhi (LET Delhi) is a registered Non-Government Organisation set up under the guidance of Shri Mataji in 1987 for the Sahaja Yoga Collectivity of Delhi to manage all Sahaja Yoga related activities in the region of Delhi. It is also responsible for maintaining various Sahaja Yoga properties in Delhi like Nirmal Dham, Qutub Temple (Sahaja Yoga Mandir, Qutub), Old Ashram and Sahaja Yoga Mandir (Mandoli).
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