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It was a historical and golden moment for Delhi’s Nirmalites when Shri Mataji Herself advised them to acquire a plot of land to build an ashram for the Delhi collectivity which She forecasted to grow tremendously

The Sahaja Yogis took it up as a mission to achieve. After some months of intense search, a five acre plot of land was shortlisted. The photos, geographical details and other descriptions of the land were presented to Shri Mataji. After going through the proposal, Shri Mataji immediately granted Her permission and the land was acquired. Soon after, with Shri Mataji's blessings, an adjoining two and a half acre plot of land was also acquired. The Sahaja Yogis had requested Shri Mataji to bless and name the proposed ashram to be opened on this auspicious land. Shri Mataji described its significance as a “Dham” i.e. “Divine Abode”. Hence, the name “Nirmal Dham” was christened.

Shri Mataji appreciated the land for its proximity to a water body and to Domestic & International Airports and had predicted that this area would be well connected to the main city by major roadways and railways.


In the recent years, the nearby areas have come into prominence as the Government of India has planned to shift all Foreign Embassies and Consulates to this area. So there has been tremendous infrastructure development such as convention centres, multi-lane highways, and metro stations. Dwarka - a major sub-city of Delhi - is also located just a few kilometres away and is well connected to Delhi via Metro Railway and wide roads.

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Shri Mataji has graced Nirmal Dham with various International Birthday Pujas from 2000 to 2004. Sahaja Marriages had also been conducted during this period. Shri Mataji decided to visit and have a glimpse of Nirmal Dham for the last time in her Physical form on 4th December 2010 on Her way to the Airport while leaving for Cabella (Italy). Many Sahaja Yogis had gathered at Nirmal Dham to receive the Divine Blessings.

On 23rd February 2011, Shri Mataji decided to leave the physical aspect of the most auspicious Incarnation and handed over a great responsibility to all realized souls who recognized the flowing ambrosia of Divine Love. The responsibility lies on them, who recognize the Divine Love, to spread it across shores and all man-made boundaries.

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