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Apart from regular Pujas, Havans, Seminars, Sahaja Marriages, there are various other Sahaja activities conducted by the collectivity inside Nirmal Dham. All visiting Sahaja Yogis are welcome to join the local collectivity in these activities. 

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Daily Morning & Evening Meditation

Meditations in the morning and evening are daily conducted in Nirmal Dham. The timings are: 

Morning Meditation - 

5.30 AM in April to September

6.00 AM in October to March

Evening Meditation - 

5.30 PM in April to September

6.00 PM in October to March

Shrine cleaning and decoration

Cleaning Mother's premises offers a way for us to express our Bhakti to Shri Mataji and is a powerful cleansing experience.

The shrine at Nirmal Dham is cleaned and decorated daily at 4.30 am and 5.00 pm, prior to morning and evening meditation. All yogis are welcome to offer their Bhakti to Shri Mataji. 

At a time only 6-7 Sahaja Yogis are allowed inside the Shrine. Please wear Sahaja attire, like kurta for Yogis and saree for Yoginis, when entering the Shrine.

Garland making

Daily garlands are made by Sahaja Yogis at Nirmal Dham which are offered to the Divine Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji in the morning and evening

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Weekly collective Meditation

Every weekend, except for Puja weekends, the collectivity of Delhi-NCR gathers for collective meditation in Nirmal Dham. The timings are as follows - 


6.30 pm on Saturdays

10.30 am on  Sundays

Weekly Balshakti (children) Meditation

Every Sunday at 12.00 pm after the collectively weekly meditation, a Balshakti Meditation for the younger children (0-10 years ) is conducted in Nirmal Dham. 

The meditation is conducted in a way that is engaging for children, so children learn to meditate, develop the quality of collectivity and learn to independently run meditations.

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