❖ Light a candle or diya in front of Shri Mataji’s photograph.

❖ Sit in a relaxed posture [on floor or chair].

❖ Place both the palms in your lap and towards the photograph.

❖ Take bandhan.

Balancing the subtle system:

For Left Channel:

  • Put your left hand towards the photograph and right hand on the Mother earth. Those sitting on chair can put right hand towards Mother earth
  • Pray “Mother please remove all impurities of my left channel.”
  • After some time the left palm feels light.
  • Now bring the right palm back on the lap.

For Right Channel:

  • Put your right hand towards the photograph and left hand towards the sky with palm facing shoulder.
  • Pray,”Mother please clear my right channel.”
  • Lightness will be felt on right palm after some time
  • Now bring your left palm back on the lap.

❖ With your attention on Sahasrara, sit in meditation for some time.

❖ Vibrations should start flowing equally in both the palms.

❖ Enjoy this meditative state for sometime.

❖ Take bandhan and offer pranam.

It is important to meditate everyday, morning and evening, to attain depth of meditation and to feel the joy of the spirit within.