Some FAQs

What are the modes of payment available in online payments?
Online payments can be made by a donor using their:
– Credit/debit cards
– Internet banking
– Payment wallets
– UPI/QR Code

How will I get a receipt for the donation made?
A scanned ropy of the receipt shall be mailed to the donor in case of direct netbanking payments. A system generated receipt shall be sent to the donor’s email ID in real time if donated through online payments.

What do I do if I do not receive the donation receipt after the payment transaction is successful?
You may have entered an incorrect email ID because of which the receipt could not be sent to you by the system. Otherwise you will receive appropriate message regarding payment status from the payment gateway.

Will I get a tax rebate on the donation made?
All donations made to The life Eternal Trust are exempted as per the provisions of Section 80G of The Income Tax Act.

There are two options mentioned in the donations page, which one should I choose?
It is advisable for donors to use direct transfer through banking details provided on the page, as 2% transaction charges(within the donation amount) will be charged by the payment gateway provider for online payments mode.

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