Importance of Footsoak

It is a simple method using primarily water but all the element for cleansing our body which is also made up of  five elements. This activity must be done regularly to attain balance leading to meditative, joyous state.

Things Needed:

1. Tub filled with water sufficient to dip ankles.
2. Mug filled with fresh water
3. Towel to wipe

PROCEDURE  (More effective when done at the end of the day before    going to sleep)

  • Sit comfortably in a chair.
  • Place feet in the tub of water
  • Put both the hands before Shri Mataji’s Photograph with a lighted diya or candle.
  • Put a handful of salt in it.

  • Pray ‘Mother Let your grace be upon this water element. Mother let the coolness of water element provide cooling to my entire being’.
  • Meditate now for 10-15 minutes with your attention on sahasrara
  • Feel the lightness during this process
  • Rinse your feet with water from mug.
  • Wipe your feet with towel.
  • Flush down the tub water


  • Feeling of lightness in body and mind.
  • Helps in meditation after the inner system is cleansed with this process.
  • Helps in Relaxing.
  • Helps in sound sleep.
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