It was indeed a historical and golden moment for Delhi’s Nirmalites when The Divine Herself advised them to have a plot of land to make an ashram for their collectivity which She forecasted to grow tremendously. The Delhi Sahaja Yogis took it up as a mission to achieve.

The yogis started to search for the appropriate place to accomplish the desired goal. After a couple of months’ search, a five acre plot of land available for sale was shortlisted and the pictures of the same with all geographical and other descriptions were presented to Shri Mataji for Her approval. The Divine Mother went through the proposal and immediately accorded Her permission to go ahead. With all the Divine Blessings, the proposal to buy the available piece of five acre land was materialised. Soon thereafter, another piece of two and a half acre of land, adjoining the acquired area also came up for sale and the same was also settled and purchased by Her grace. After taking over the possession of land, the Sahaja Yogis requested Shri Mataji to bless and name the proposed ashram to be opened on this auspicious land. The Divine Mother then described its significance as a “Dham” i.e. “Divine Abode”. Hence, the Name “Nirmal Dham” was christened.

While appreciating the proposed land for its proximity both to the Domestic/International Airport as well as the water body, the Divine Mother had forecasted that this area would be duly connected to the main city with major roadways and railways etc. It has indeed come true and recently multi-lane roads have been planned and are under construction in the area adjoining Nirmal Dham. Also one of the biggest sub cities, ‘Dwarka’ has emerged just a few kilometres away which is properly connected through Metro Railway as well as good roads to the whole city.

Moreover, Shri Mataji has graced Nirmal Dham with many International Pujas right from 2000 onwards. It now seems miraculous that Shri Mataji decided to visit and have a glimpse of Nirmal Dham for the last time in her Physical form on 4th December 2010 on Her way to Airport while leaving from India to Cabella (Italy). Lot of Sahaja Yogis gathered at Nirmal Dham when The Divine Mother graced the occasion in India and showered blessings.

On 23rd February 2011, Shri Mataji decided to leave the physical aspect of this most auspicious Incarnation and handed over the responsibility to all those realized souls who recognized the tangible flowing ambrosia of divine love. It is after all God’s love and the responsibility lies on them who recognize it to take this further across shores and man-made boundaries.

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